2018 News

Jan 14 - Sketcher wins Second in Open for 2 more OTCh points and his third UDX leg.

Feb 2 - Sketch wins Third in Utility for another OTCh point, his fourth UDX leg and Hi Sporting.

Feb 3 - Sketch wins two more Ch points.

Feb 4 - Sketch wins Second in Utility for another OTCh point.

Mar 3 - Sketcher finishes his HRC Started title.

Mar 7 - Chai is 2017 #1 Curly in Canada in both agility and rally!

Mar 17 - Sketcher wins Open and Q's in Utility for his fifth UDX leg,
4 more OTCh points and HIT.

Mar 18 - Sketcher wins Second in Open for another OTCh point.

Apr 7 - Sketcher earns his six UDX leg with two Thirds.

Apr 15 - Sketcher wins 3rd in Utility and 1st in Open for his 7th UDX leg,
finishing his OM1, High in Trial and High Combined.

May 5 - Sketcher finishes his CA title.
(video of the run here)

May 5 - Harlow earns her first Can CDX leg with First place.

May 6 - Harlow earns her second Can CDX leg with Second place.
May 11 - Sketcher wins Second in Utility and First in Open for
a total of eight OTCh points, his eighth UDX leg and High Combined.

May 12 - Sketcher wins Second in Open for another point.

May 13 - Sketcher wins both Open and Utility for 12 more points, High in Trial and High Combined.

May 27 - Sketcher earns his WCQ at the CCRCA specialty.

May 30 - Sketch is HIT at the CCRCA specialty.

June 2 - Sketcher wins his second major at a supported entry after the national.

June 3 - Sketch finishes his Ch with a 4 point BW.

June 8 - Chai finishes her Can Intermediate JWW title for Charwin's 300th title!

June 16 - Harlow finishes her Can CDX with First place.

June 16-17 - Chai earns two Can CDX legs and Brisk earns one Can CDX legs.

June 23 - Sketcher finished his ASCA RAX with two High Other Breed wins and Suede finished her ASCA RN.

June 24 - Sketch finished his ASCA CDX with Third place.

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